About Us

Grov-Air was formed by Troy Grover in November 2003 to provide consultation, supervision and technical support for customers during the construction and test flights of their experimental RV-Series aircraft, including riveting, dimpling, fiberglass, priming, painting, rigging of flight controls, wiring, and engine installation.
Prior to incorporating Grov-Air Troy worked for Eagle Creek Aviation Services (Indianapolis) and United Air Lines (Indianapolis) as an avionics technician, and at Continental Airlines (Denver CO) and General Dynamics (Fort Worth TX) as an airframe and powerplant technician.


  • Airframe & Powerplant License
  • General Radiotelephone Operator License
  • CFM56-3 Engine Line Maintenance/Troubleshooting Familiarization Training with CFM International, Cincinnati, OH
  • Pilot (Commercial / Multi / Instrument)
  • Run-up & Taxi Qualified on B747-100/200/SP/238, B727-122/222, B737-322/522
  • Flight Simulator Training on B747-100/200/SP/238, B727-122/222, B737-322/522
  • Cockpit Qualified on B727-222
  • CAT III Qualified 737-300/500


  • Outstanding Attendance Award at Colorado Aero Tech
  • Colorado Aero Tech Graduation Grade 88
  • Acquiring flight training while working full time
  • Twenty-six years mechanical experience with systems on heavy jet aircraft, including five years as a Avionics Technician on Boeing and Airbus aircraft at United Airlines.
  • Built Experimental RV-6 & RV-8 Aircraft
  • Restored Cessna 150, 172, 182, & 210 Aircraft
  • Earned FAA Training Awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby)
  • Designed and Produced Fiberglass External/Removable Baggage Pods for RV-4, -6/6A, -7/7A and -8/8A Experimental Aircraft
  • Designed and Produced Custom Instrument Panel for RV-6/6A, -7/7A and 9/9A Experimental Aircraft
  • Member of EAA Chapter 301
  • EAA Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor
  • EAA Young Eagles pilot
  • Member of AOPA 
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